Work With Me

Are you a food, fitness, health or wellbeing brand? Working with me will help increase your audience, grow your following and help build a stronger network and customer base.


Recipes – Would you like me to create a recipe using your product? I’d love to! I’m always experimenting in the kitchen and love coming up with delicious plant-based recipes. I can create them to publish on my blog (whilst promoting your product) and/or create a recipe for you to feature exclusively on your website or social media.

Reviews – Do you have a product I could help build focus on? If you’d like me to review your product I’d be happy to. All opinions will be my own and I can post a review on my social media and/or blog (product dependant).

Photography – Photography – Having studied photography previously, my skills have grown further since starting my blog. I enjoy the process of creating a backdrop, laying out props, finding the perfect lighting and taking a great photograph to showcase a product. If you’d like some high quality images for your website or for social media use I would be happy to help.

Sponsored Social Media Posts – Do you want to create a buzz on social media? With a large, rapidly growing following I could help your product reach thousands of people.

Writing – Writing – Do you like my writing style? Would you like me to contribute towards your own blog or website? I have a real knowledge and passion for the health & wellness industry and could contribute articles on subjects such as mental health, fitness and wellbeing, or organic/raw/vegan food.

For me information and to discuss collaboration email me –