Red Lentil, Mushroom & Sage Nut Roast (New & Improved!)

Back in 2015 when my blog was very new I posted a Lentil, Mushroom and Sage Nut Roast recipe which to this day is one of my most popular recipes on the blog…and with good reason! This recipe goes perfectly every time I make it, it’s straight forward and hassle free AND not one person has ever disliked the deliciousness of this festive loaf. It’s the perfect veggie Sunday roast option, it’s a real winner for Christmas Day and it’s even incredible enjoyed cold the next day.

This year I decided to revamp the recipe a little, and with a couple of small changes I’ve made this recipe even more spectacular!

Red Lentil, Mushroom & Sage Nut Roast

Red Lentil, Mushroom & Sage Nut Roast

This lentil, mushroom and sage nut roast with cashew, carrots, leeks and plenty of herbs is the most perfect texture that’ll satisfy any veggie and any meat-eater. The lentils and cashews give it substance, heartiness and really fill you up, the leeks, carrots and mushrooms add a wealth of goodness, colour, texture and taste and the herbs compliment all the ingredients so well.

One of my favourite things about this recipe is how hassle free it is too, as well as being relatively cheap to make. A lot of nut roast recipes I’ve come across require 3 or more different nut varieties to be used which not only means extra things to remember when you go shopping but also extra expense as nuts aren’t cheap, whereas this recipe calls for cashews alone! The other ingredients used are also inexpensive and can all be found in your local supermarket. The steps to this recipe are simple, straight-forward and you can’t really get anything wrong. As I said above, this recipe has always gone perfectly every time I’ve followed it myself and I’ve never had any bad feedback from it!

This nut roast makes the best main element for a meal as it continues lots of protein, healthy fats and goodness from the veggies. I love enjoyed it with roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables – my favourites being brussels sprouts, kale and peas.

Try with my Rosemary & Thyme Roast Potatoes and Maple & Garlic Brussels Sprouts for a meal out of this world!


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