How To Take More Steps Every Day

Many healthcare professionals recommend we should be aiming for 10,000 steps per day, which sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Some people may exceed the 10,000 steps with no problem – especially if they have an active job or are on the go all day but those of us with office jobs or jobs that mean we’re sedentary for long periods of time those 10,000 steps could be a little more tricky to reach.

Walking more is super important, so I’ve put together a list of 5 ways you can up how many steps you’re taking every day really simply. If you try to incorporate this advice into your everyday life you’ll be hitting that 10,000 number in no time!

How To Take More Steps Every Day

Take The Stairs

Hands up who takes the escalator in the shopping mall or the lift up to your office? Taking the stairs instead is a really effective way to get extra steps in and it works your leg muscles too. Even if your office is on the 15th floor just get out of the lift a couple of floors early – no excuses!

Park Further Away

Whether it’s driving to work or going to the shops you should try and park further away than you normally would. Instead of parking right next to your destination why not make a habit of parking that little bit further away? This can help you reach your daily step count goal and you get to have a nice little stroll too.

Get Pacing

Are you on the phone a lot? Instead of sitting still whilst on the phone why not pace around your house or around the office, this way you’re getting the blood flowing and adding in those important extra steps. Same goes for when you’re waiting at an appointment, pace the waiting room!

Catch Up During A Walk

Yes, going for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake with a friend is lovely but swapping your coffee catchups for countryside walks is a really effective way to up reach (or even exceed!) that 10,000 step goal. Plus, it’s always nice to get out into the fresh air and often you’ll be so lost in conversation you won’t even realise how far you’ve actually walked!

Get Hoovering

No-one likes doing the chores but whizzing the hoover around your house every other day not only increases your step count but your home will be cleaner and nicer to be in.

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