How Men Can Pick the Best Apple Watch Bands for Their Style

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The modern man appreciates fashion and makes an effort to look great. He is detailed about anything they put on, even if it is a simple object like a watch. Watches are designed differently to fit the different lifestyles of men. Classic men opt for brand watches as quality for such watches is assured.

Picking an apple watch band to fit your style can be tricky as you expect the band to live up to your expectations. Apple watches possess unique aesthetic features, but one needs to be thoughtful about the watch’s band. This article provides men with tips they can use to pick the luxury apple watch bands for their style.

Pick the Best Apple Watch Bands

1 Material

First and foremost, the material of the Apple watch band is something you should consider before you pick any watch band. It is imperative to select an ideal material for the watch to stand out. This is critical because most people own Apple watches, and you do not want to have the same-looking timepiece as every other person.

Metal Apple watch bands have the element of durability and require low maintenance, which makes this an excellent choice. Leather bands are also a superb choice as they ooze elegance and style. Pick a material that is fashionable, comfortable, and durable.

2 Wrist size

There are numerous band options at your conveyance when trying to find one that will complement your style. Some Apple watch bands are adjustable, and well, others are not, so it is mandatory to know your wrist measurements not to screw up things. If one is buying the band from a retail store, they can try the bands to select one that is a fit. A well-fitting Apple watch band will portray great style.

3 Color

The color of the Apple watch band should complete the watch’s look. Blending the watch and the band right makes a perfect combo that you can use to uplift your style. If you doubt certain colors, give in to your instincts and try the common colors, which are not shouting but statement setters. If your interest falls in several colors, you can purchase them and interchange them whenever necessary.

Tips: For women, the pink Apple Watch band is a good choice; For men, black or space gray are top choices.

4 Style

Men can pick the best Apple Watch bands by seeking signature bands that are adequate for the styles they have in mind. Depending on the style one has opted for, they must also consider the watch band to ensure they blend well. There are Apple watch bands perfect for formal and casual outfits. Select your Apple watch bands based on your most common style.

Best mens apple watch bands come in different designs, materials, sizes, and prints, offering men profuse options. We recommend you research the specific Apple Watch band you want to learn detailed facts to inform your purchase decision. This article presents you with a general guide to help you avoid inconveniences and acquire the best Apple Watch Bands to distinguish yourself from ordinary men. Be a man with exquisite taste by choosing the best Apple Watch band.

Red Lentil, Mushroom & Sage Nut Roast (New & Improved!)

Back in 2015 when my blog was very new I posted a Lentil, Mushroom and Sage Nut Roast recipe which to this day is one of my most popular recipes on the blog…and with good reason! This recipe goes perfectly every time I make it, it’s straight forward and hassle free AND not one person has ever disliked the deliciousness of this festive loaf. It’s the perfect veggie Sunday roast option, it’s a real winner for Christmas Day and it’s even incredible enjoyed cold the next day.

This year I decided to revamp the recipe a little, and with a couple of small changes I’ve made this recipe even more spectacular!

Red Lentil, Mushroom & Sage Nut Roast

Red Lentil, Mushroom & Sage Nut Roast

This lentil, mushroom and sage nut roast with cashew, carrots, leeks and plenty of herbs is the most perfect texture that’ll satisfy any veggie and any meat-eater. The lentils and cashews give it substance, heartiness and really fill you up, the leeks, carrots and mushrooms add a wealth of goodness, colour, texture and taste and the herbs compliment all the ingredients so well.

One of my favourite things about this recipe is how hassle free it is too, as well as being relatively cheap to make. A lot of nut roast recipes I’ve come across require 3 or more different nut varieties to be used which not only means extra things to remember when you go shopping but also extra expense as nuts aren’t cheap, whereas this recipe calls for cashews alone! The other ingredients used are also inexpensive and can all be found in your local supermarket. The steps to this recipe are simple, straight-forward and you can’t really get anything wrong. As I said above, this recipe has always gone perfectly every time I’ve followed it myself and I’ve never had any bad feedback from it!

This nut roast makes the best main element for a meal as it continues lots of protein, healthy fats and goodness from the veggies. I love enjoyed it with roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables – my favourites being brussels sprouts, kale and peas.

Try with my Rosemary & Thyme Roast Potatoes and Maple & Garlic Brussels Sprouts for a meal out of this world!


Cookie Dough Truffles

I’m putting it out there, these cookie dough truffles might be the best things I’ve ever made! Ok, I’ve said that about a few things but these really are ground-breaking. They’re unbelievably more-ish, exquisitely delicious yet full of goodness! They also have a secret ingredient which may sound a little odd but just trust me, go with it and be prepared to be blown away!

Cookie Dough Truffles

The magic ingredient? Chickpeas. You might associate chickpeas with hummus, curries, salads perhaps but probably not sweet treats, am I right? I used to do the same but I’d heard of people making things like meringue and blondies from chickpeas, so I had a go at making this cookie dough truffles using chickpeas as the main ingredient for the cookie dough and I was beyond happy with how they turned out! The chickpeas soak up the vanilla flavouring, the creamy cashew butter and the sweet maple syrup – you end up just getting the cookie-dough like texture with none of the chickpea flavour. In fact, I made all my family try one of these truffles (they all LOVED them) but none of them guessed chickpeas were in them, even when I said there was a strange ingredient in them.

I combined the chickpeas with oat flour for more of a cookie texture, cashew butter for added creaminess, maple syrup for a natural sweetener, vanilla protein powder (I used the MissFits Vanilla as it has the best texture of all vegan protein powders I’ve tried – you can get £5 off your order with the code NOURISHINGAMELIA5 too!) for a wonderful flavour and to add to the cookie dough texture, then coated the balls in pure, rich dark chocolate and topped with a few chopped nuts for a little crunch and something extra.

By the time I’m typing this recipe up all the Cookie Dough Truffles have been eaten (they hardly lasted a day!), and my goodness I’m craving some more. They’re just the best treats!

Cookie Dough Truffles

How To Take More Steps Every Day

Many healthcare professionals recommend we should be aiming for 10,000 steps per day, which sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Some people may exceed the 10,000 steps with no problem – especially if they have an active job or are on the go all day but those of us with office jobs or jobs that mean we’re sedentary for long periods of time those 10,000 steps could be a little more tricky to reach.

Walking more is super important, so I’ve put together a list of 5 ways you can up how many steps you’re taking every day really simply. If you try to incorporate this advice into your everyday life you’ll be hitting that 10,000 number in no time!

How To Take More Steps Every Day

Take The Stairs

Hands up who takes the escalator in the shopping mall or the lift up to your office? Taking the stairs instead is a really effective way to get extra steps in and it works your leg muscles too. Even if your office is on the 15th floor just get out of the lift a couple of floors early – no excuses!

Park Further Away

Whether it’s driving to work or going to the shops you should try and park further away than you normally would. Instead of parking right next to your destination why not make a habit of parking that little bit further away? This can help you reach your daily step count goal and you get to have a nice little stroll too.

Get Pacing

Are you on the phone a lot? Instead of sitting still whilst on the phone why not pace around your house or around the office, this way you’re getting the blood flowing and adding in those important extra steps. Same goes for when you’re waiting at an appointment, pace the waiting room!

Catch Up During A Walk

Yes, going for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake with a friend is lovely but swapping your coffee catchups for countryside walks is a really effective way to up reach (or even exceed!) that 10,000 step goal. Plus, it’s always nice to get out into the fresh air and often you’ll be so lost in conversation you won’t even realise how far you’ve actually walked!

Get Hoovering

No-one likes doing the chores but whizzing the hoover around your house every other day not only increases your step count but your home will be cleaner and nicer to be in.

Turmeric Zoats Recipe

If you follow me on Instagram (@NourishingAmelia) you’ll know I have a slight obsession with zoats. Ok, ok, it’s a big obsession….they’re just too good! But my latest twist on zoats has caused my obsession to become even more huge so I just HAD to share this insanely scrumptious, crazily healthy, nutritious and delicious breakfast recipe with you (not gonna lie, I even have it for lunch sometimes!).

Turmeric Zoats Recipe

First things first, don’t know what zoats are? Let me enlighten you – zoats are simply porridge with grated courgette mixed into them (zucchini oats). Yep, sounds gross and weird doesn’t it? I thought the same thing before I tried them, I wondered why anyone would ruin a perfectly good bowl of porridge by sticking some grated green vegetable in it but one day I decided to give it a go and I haven’t looked back since!

When the courgette is grated and stirred into the oats as they finish cooking they absorb all the yummy flavours you’ve put in your pan and when you go to eat them you can’t taste them at all. Yes, the texture is slightly different but in a good way and it adds loads of volume to your bowl….who doesn’t want more food? Plus, it means you get an extra portion of veg in your diet which can never be a bad thing! So, don’t judge before you try. Now, let’s move on to my recipe.

Turmeric is a spice traditionally used in dishes such as curry and it’s the one of the most powerful herbs on the planet when it comes to fighting disease and infection. It’s considered a true superfood thanks to it’s strong anti-inflammatory powers, it’s antidepressant properties, it’s ability to manage diseases like arthritis and diabetes, how it can help IBS and how it keeps blood sugar levels steady. I use turmeric in a lot of my cooking but it’s not a spice I’d considered adding to my porridge before! I saw a recipe on Instagram for turmeric and cinnamon cookies and was intrigued, so the next day I decided to make a super spice porridge with cinnamon and turmeric with a little honey for sweetness and my goodness, it was more delicious than I could have imagined! I then tried it in zoats and every mouthful was like heaven, even better that each spoonful is packed with nutrients and superfood powers! It’s love. You just have to try it!

The best thing about this recipe is you can adapt it however you want – the recipe below is exactly how I make it but if you’re a little scared try adding less turmeric and more honey or add banana to your oats as you cook them for a sweeter taste. Perhaps you want to give this bowl even more of a nutritional boost, you could add maca, chia seeds or flaxseed and top with almond butter, fresh fruit, seeds or nuts. Let me know how you’d make it!

Coconut Brownies (Holland & Barrett Sugar Free Baking)

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Making healthy sweet treats is one of my favourite things, so when Holland & Barrett contacted me challenging me to come up with the most delicious recipe using their range of sugar-free baking ingredients I was super excited! I browsed their extensive range of products and came up with this recipe for Coconut Brownies that are not only sugar-free but gluten free and vegan too!

Coconut Brownies

Holland & Barrett have always been my go-to health store, they just have everything you could possibly want or need when it comes to healthy baking! Every single ingredient I’ve used to make these brownies came from Holland & Barrett and they currently have a ‘buy one get one half price’ deal on which is great for grabbing some bargains!

I used ground almonds and buckwheat flour as the base for this brownies which work well to create a yummy gluten free flour packed full of goodness! Buckwheat flour is super easily digested, full of essential amino acids and is loaded with iron. The ground almonds are a good source of protein, help to balance blood sugar levels and are full of magnesium to support enzyme function. I added quite a bit of almond butter to these brownies which not only helps create an incredible texture but packs a real nutrition punch too! Almond butter is bursting with vitamin E to support healthy hair and help your skin to glow, it’s also high in antioxidants and heart-healthy fats. To make these brownies super chocolatey I used raw cacao powder which is just the same as cocoa powder but it’s unprocessed so all the antioxidant power is still there, plus raw cacao powder will help to improve circulation, lower blood pressure, increase your happiness levels and give you a boost of energy! Then there’s the all important coconut (in the form of coconut oil and desiccated coconut)….I’ve got a bit of a thing about coconut, it’s just the most awesome superfood! People are sometimes scared of the fat content of coconut, but let me tell you it is damn good fat. The fat in coconut oil is used in your body as energy rather than being stored, it’s also amazing for keeping your heart healthy, promoting strong nails, clear skin and shiny hair, lowering cholesterol levels, boosting brain function and it’s a powerful anti-bacterial in the body so it’ll help your body fight off disease and illness! I used a flax ‘egg’ (flaxseed mixed with water) to help bind the ingredients together which is a great source of omega-3. I also used 2 natural sweeteners to make these brownies sweet without anything that’ll spike your blood-sugar levels or make you feel sluggish; I used a little coconut sugar and 100% pure maple syrup. Wow….these brownies really are loaded with nutritional goodness, and they taste amazing too, winner!


– This blog post was sponsored by Holland & Barrett but all opinions are my own, as always –

The Link Between Nature & Happiness

It took me a long time to understand what helped me when I feel depressed, sometimes nothing helps and I just have to wait for the darkness to pass but sometimes making myself do certain things really lifts my mood. One of those things is being outside, whether that’s going for a walk with my dogs or sitting in the garden looking at the trees, flowers & wildlife it definitely reduces my feelings of anxiety and depression. I thought this could just be because I feel more able to breathe and less claustrophobic but actually there is some real science behind why nature makes you happy.

There’s a beautiful link between the human body and the earth. Practises that are good for the earth are actually amazing for your body too – eating pesticide free food, buying organic produce, eating more greens than meat, wearing less makeup, walking instead of driving, drinking from a glass instead of a plastic bottle/cup, etc. Look after our planet and you look after your body also, talk about a double whammy!

The relationship between our mind and nature is just as strong. Nature is necessary to maintain our happiness levels and many studies show nature can lift your mood, decrease feelings of stress and increase feelings of joy. Rumination is the negative thought process in the brain, it’s responsible for all this times you overthink a situation, when you can’t see the positives, when you get stressed and it can contribute towards depression over time. Spending more time with nature reduces the effects of rumination and therefore makes you feel calmer, more positive and happier.

Being outside also means you’re soaking up some mood-enhancing vitamin D! Vitamin D, also known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, plays a major role in helping to keep your bones and teeth healthy but did you know that low levels of vitamin D can cause depressive symptoms and a low mood? Vitamin D receptors have been found in parts of the brain, it’s not quite clear how the vitamin effects the brain but one theory is that it affects how the chemicals in your brain work and when vitamin D increases the amount of good chemicals in your brain that make you feel happy increase. It’s very common to have depression if you have vitamin D deficiency…so get outside and soak up those rays!

By 2050 it’s estimated 70% of the worlds population will live in cities (currently over 50% of people do), and when nature is this important to maintain human happiness it’s no wonder mental health issues are on the rise. If you live in a town or city try and make time for nature, there’s bound to be a park, some woodland or fields close to you and spending 90 minutes there is proven to massively reduce rumination in the brain (i.e. you’ll feel happier!).

Spending time with nature will also increase your energy levels and boost overall-wellbeing so what are you waiting for?! Get outside!

Nature is wonderful, we need to be embracing it more. Care for it as it cares for you, practice gratitude through action and both your body & the earth will reward you.